FACEBOOK: Madonna is a Pussy Hat


As amusing as I find the idea of Secret Service investigating Madonna, no good could possibly come of it.

While a *normal* human being would be appropriately chastised by the experience and undoubtedly think twice before ever again making such a stupid comment before millions of potential witnesses, Madonna thrives on this sort of attention. You know she’s just going to end up writing some ridiculous book about how political persecution gave her PTSD, and then go on to draw idiotic parallels between modern-day America and Nazi Germany — all while continually reminding her readers that she is, in fact, a Kabballist. Who believes in LOVE. And healing crystals.

Madonna isn’t a threat to anything more than good taste. I mean, what the hell is she going to do — show up to the White House in her rocket bra?


FACEBOOK: Public Histronics


There will always be people who look for excuses to engage in public histronics, and the WORST thing anyone can do is take them seriously. Trust me; I have a 7 year old.

You know what MOST disappointed voters are doing right this moment? Getting on with their lives, and being thankful we hold Presidential elections every 4 years. Some may resort to writing intelligent op-eds or blogs to make predictions or state their views. Some may hold bake sales or engage in other respectable measures to champion awareness for causes they strongly support. This is the very spirit of our First Amendment.

A minority may throw toddler-like temper tantrums and resort to juvenile antics, but such behavior is by no means reflective of the whole of those who voted against Trump. (Though you have to wonder what percentage of these trolls even bothered showing up to the polls.)

And as for the Confederate-flag-waving “counter protestors”? Most of those people are mentally ill and/or challenged. They ought to be recognized as such, pitied, and dealt with accordingly.