Keepin’ it Real


REAL Herc fans taped these three eps BEFORE the VHS trilogy was released. 📼

REAL fans also recognize the value of having EVERY episode of EVERY show Rob Tapert has EVER produced on DVD. 💿

Which is how REAL fans come to possess three copies of each of these three episodes.

And bitch, don’t even talk to me about the Cloud, because you don’t own SHIT.

FACEBOOK: Thanksgiving


I am thankful for Bruce Campbell, Stuart Devenie, Stephen Papps, and Verne Troyer for their heartfelt performances in that holiday masterpiece of American patriotism, “One, Two, Three: Give Me Lady Liberty.”

If you have not seen this episode of Jack of All Trades — a highly-educational historical docuseries brought to you by The Three Sages (Tapert, Raimi, and Campbell) — it means you are a bad American and probably get most of your “History” from reading textbooks.

FACEBOOK: Gladiators


Watching the Hercules TLJ season one episode ‘Gladiator’ is vastly more amusing in a post-Spartacus era than when it originally aired two decades ago, what with Tony Todd as a Crixus-Oenameus hybrid and Alison Bruce as proto-Lucretia. And I keep cracking up at the sight of Jeffery Thomas (Titus Lentulus Batiatus) in the role of the thuggish prison guard.

The master himself (Rob Tapert) even makes a cameo among the spectators, which I don’t recall him ever doing for Spartacus — though Michael Hurst did put in a quick appearance at the end of season 2 as javelin fodder.

FACEBOOK: French Revolution


While the French Revolution undoubtedly remains one of the most fascinating and terrifying periods in human history, I must confess to being a little shaky on events following the rise of the Directory.

For no sooner does Napoleon (the little monkey!) enter the stage than I find myself entirely unable to focus on whatever I am reading, so overwhelmed I am by the desire to watch Jack of All Trades.  For what soulless creature does not enjoy hilariously-exaggerated accents, anatomically-correct cow puppets, and making fun of the French?

Nevertheless, Rob Tapert and Verne Troyer have much to answer for.



Happy Birthday, Lucy Lawless!

And yesterday was the 18th anniversary of her wedding to the godfather of my imagination, the wisest of The Three Sages Men, the Caesar of Cinematography and Prime Minister of Pulchritudinous Pugnatores(/-ices), Paterfamilias to both Renaissance Pictures and Ghosthouse, Mr. Happy Valley Kid himself, Robert G. Tapert!  (The ‘G’ is for ‘God,’ FYI.)


FACEBOOK: Evil Dead TV Series


The Three Sages are at it again! Evil Dead series for the Stars network has apparently begun filming in NZ (duh) with Tapert’s phenomenally talented and STILL drop-dead gorgeous wife to star alongside The King for the first time in nearly FIFTEEN YEARS! A most legendary (and groovy) pairing indeed.

So strap on those chainsaws, grab your boomsticks, and get ready to hail to the King — and the Warrior Princess too!