More Facebook Censorship


I’d posted a link to my 9/11 entry because I knew the Facebook mods weren’t about to let any talk of terrorism stand — wouldn’t want to trigger any supporters of radical Islam on September 11th, now would we?

But I wasn’t really expecting them to go after the comments.  Not just mine, even:

A friend of mine left that response, and I’d gotten in the habit of taking screen shots after Facebook began its discriminatory campaign of forbidding Russian bots the freedom of visual expression.  (Which is incredibly racist, by the way.)

I replied to my friend in two installments.  I’ve gone ahead and spliced them together and inserted the urls as hyperlinks, rather than attachments:

Fewer religious duties would go a long way toward establishing an interplanetary market and make some of that Martian spirituality Bradbury and Heinlein waxed so fondly about accessible to the average middle-class Earthling.

Unfortunately, I do not see this happening any time soon. Those who promote the economics of Islamic mercantilism have successfully lobbied for a fatwa again Martian emigration, and recent polls have shown that there are still Christians who do not believe in space.

Which is a damned shame, considering that the Price Wars between the Jews and the Sith have made interplanetary travel cheaper than ever.

Not that this means anything to the Sikhs, because they never seem to make it past TSA. 🤷‍♀️

Oh, and from what I understand, the Buddhists have filed a class-action lawsuit against Science, alleging Science to be riddled with fat-shaming and ableist microaggressions.

As a cripple, I hope they win.

Facebook soon flagged all three comments for review, making them invisible, though it still showed that three comments had been left on the post.  I checked my Facebook history, and all traces of my comments had been removed from there as well.

Fortunately, I never type anything lengthy directly into Facebook, but instead copy and paste from my Note app.  So reposting would be fairly simple — or so I thought:

I eventually realized that in order to repost, I’d need to change a couple of punctuation marks.

After successfully reposting both comments, I followed up with a message to the Facebook mods:

I should note that the three original comments briefly reappeared this morning, only to be deleted a short time later.  As of right now, my two reposts and one friendly invitation to social media censors remain untouched.

I is Soviet Bot


I’ve been accused of a lot of things in my time, but pushing a socialist agenda has never been one of them.

Until now.

It all started when I posted the following image in a thread about a critic of capitalism who had obviously never bothered to look the word ‘capitalism’ up in the dictionary:

The image (which I sadly cannot take credit for) proved popular, raking in several dozen ‘likes’ in a matter of hours — not surprising, given that this thread was in fact the comments section of a publication known for its support of free markets. But there’s always one nimrod who just doesn’t get it.

One particular nimrod REALLY did not get it.

Not only did he accuse me of trespassing onto the thread to promote my anti-capitalist agenda, he also held me accountable for the popularity of the meme, insisting he had seen me seeding it all over teh Internetz under a variety of fake identities.

Pause for a moment to let that sink in.

Sadly, he deleted the comment before it occurred to me to take a screen shot, but here was my initial reply:

Case closed, right? Only not so much:

I was going to include step 3 (GOMI), but I didn’t want to come across as impolite.

It takes all kinds of crazies to make an Internetz, but at least this one didn’t accuse me of pushing a pro-life agenda. Or of being a misogynist. Or a Russian bot. Or invite me to kill myself. Because that shit’s just getting old.