The Crisis at Our Border


People are pouring over our border, some of whom are just looking for hand-outs that we can’t even afford to provide our own, others are legitimately looking for work and are willing to work under the table well below minimum wage, further making it difficult for US citizens (particularly young people in need of entry-level jobs) to get hired. Which creates societal problems in and of itself.

Many who immigrate illegally end up spending little of the money they make here, choosing instead to live in relative poverty (hey, their choice) and send the rest of the money back to whatever countries they consider their homes.

Worth pointing out too that the majority pouring over our borders are young men from some very violent parts of Latin America, and unlike previous waves of (legal) immigrants, these by and large are refusing to assimilate.

There’s also the national security threat to consider.  The media reported back in October that nearly 100 individuals with ties to Islamic terror groups were plotting to join the caravan as it crossed into Guatemala.  Thankfully, they were apprehended and deported, but the sheer number that were attempting to cross at once is highly alarming.

Very bad people attempt to enter our country all the time.  This is why we work with foreign governments to determine just who is coming here — and why Trump called a temporary halt on immigration from those seven Muslim-majority countries.  (Their governments were refusing to cooperate.  Worth noting also that Obama had been advised to do the same).

Now imagine people from terror-laden regions finding a way around such checks — hell, even abusing the system to suit their own ends.

We’ve been seeing a staggering number of people from Africa and the Middle East paying thousands of dollars for plane tickets to Mexico so they can illegally cross our border.  They know that if they’re caught they can simply claim asylum, then disappear into the country and to hell with their hearings.

Hence the Trump administration’s new rules regarding immigration — which the SCOTUS has now upheld.

Our goodwill is being abused. According to sources Tim Pool has quoted, only 10% of the people who actually bother applying for asylum are even eligible.  What about the people who are actually in need of it?  Why should they be allowed to fall through the cracks? Is this fair to them?  Is it fair to any of us?

There is absolutely a crisis at our border — this isn’t some “Republican talking point”.  Hell, even Obama realized it, and he was far from lackadaisical when it came to illegal immigration.



Whenever a person with particular ideological leanings commits a crime, that crime was ideologically motivated.

Unless they’re Muslim.

Similarly, whenever a cis white male commits mass murder, that CWM is a right-wing terrorist.

Regardless of his actual political leanings.

Alphabet Overhaul


My hope is that Trump’s legacy will be the overhaul & reorganization of our intelligence agencies.  I think it’s coming (in some form or another) but that he’s waiting for his second term.  Here’s one way to do it:

If I were the bad orange man, my first order of business upon being reelected would be to fire the current DNI and appoint one who is fully on board with getting rid of the DNI — we just wouldn’t go public with that until after he’s been confirmed.

The next step would be to fire Wray and appoint a new FBI director.  Nothing personal — just need somebody fresh.  Preferably someone who hasn’t worked too closely with the FBI in the past.

The new director would assist in step three, which would be to reorganize the FBI.  Their purview is massive — break ’em up.  The agency responsible for investigating federal crimes does NOT belong functioning as an intelligence agency.  Let Homeland worry about domestic terrorism and the CIA handle foreign.

Step four would be the dissolution of the NSA.  Split their functions accordingly between the NRO, the CIA, and Homeland.

Step five?  Gut the CIA.  Specifically the Directorate of Support, which is the most massive of the five and has gradually been taking over by the same intersectional ideology plaguing our universities.  The function of the DOA should be mission support — that is all.

Trump will mostly have to carry this one out via executive order for a number of reasons.  I think the only reason he hasn’t handled it already is that he’s afraid of how it’ll look when he lays off thousands of black women — and no, I’m not being hyperbolic in the least.

After that, I’d deal with the House Democrats.  HPSCI doesn’t have nearly as much oversight as they like to pretend, quite simply because the House Dems have a culture of handling sensitive information carelessly, which allows their staffers to “innocently” leak things to the press and get away with it.

(If caught, they’ll quietly be dismissed, but I’ve heard of a few cases in which they were successfully prosecuted.)

It’s gotten so bad that people will routinely refuse to answer questions from the committee, even after they’ve been (emptily) threatened with contempt.

I’d force the DOJ to expend resources prosecuting even the mildest of leaks — including the congressmen themselves — until they got the fucking message and cleaned up their act.  If there’s going to be a House oversight committee — and I think there ought to be — then it shouldn’t be just for show.