Change isn’t easy. It’s difficult to say goodbye to those who have played a major role in your child’s upbringing and for whom you yourself have formed a very really attachment.

That being said, I’m adjusting to the new Wiggles better than I’d expected. Except for Simon, whom I’m pretty sure I once saw on a sex offender registry. And Lachlan, since I’ve yet to figure out exact why he’s there. (Sex appeal to the cougar moms, perhaps? Try again.)

So I suppose that really just leaves Emma, the new female Wiggle. I am surprisingly tolerant of her. Probably because she isn’t just some walking gimmick with titties geared towards capturing the attentions of a new generation of demasculinized preschoolers. She actually has some talent and has been touring with them for a while now — as Wags, Dorothy, and even a Wiggly dancer.

Anthony and Captain Feathersword are still there, and Greg, Jeff, and Murray have all made frequent cameos, so I suppose that is helping me cope. Just don’t expect Sam to make an appearance. He didn’t exactly part ways with the band farting rainbows.