Mean Moms, Ugly Babies


This was apparently no more than some clothes-swapping group that started an ugly baby thread.  Yet we live in an increasingly baby-worshiping society, so of course it was blown completely out of proportion.  This ought to serve as a lesson to those who publicly post photos of their children: ANYONE can get ahold of these pictures and use them for whatever purpose.

I can’t fucking believe this made the news.  And the mom who whines about her delayed/demented/retarded/whatever two-year-old having been “bullied” by complete strangers over the Internet needs a serious reality check.

A butt-ugly baby.

Someone Honestly Posted This in a “Cute Baby” Thread


I don’t normally bother sharing ugly baby pics (because there are just so damned many of them all over the mombie message boards), but I felt obligated to post this one, seeing that this marks the very first time I’ve actually cried out in shock at the sight of an ugly baby:

Besides the schnoz and the receding hairline, this baby has all sorts of broken blood vessels in its eyes — hence the mention of eyes “clearing up.”

Mother. of. God.

EDIT: Because the mother of this snuffaluffagus keeps posting repeated updates (i.e., she’s conquered the fucking thread):

A dead-ringer for John Goodman.  It seems to grow less ugly as you look at it, but that may just be because I like John Goodman.