Hillbilly Hellcats and Trailer Park Teases


If you find yourself attracted to corpulent, heavily-tattooed, trailer-trash teen moms who love to smoke pot, then this blog is for you!  Some of these luscious ladies eschew eyebrows, while others are more hirsute than the average bear.  These cracker vixens are looking to party it up, and they aren’t about to let their kids get in the way!  If you’re in search of a soul mate whose spelling is as liberal as her parenting philosophy — or if you’ve ever wondered what Jabba the Hutt might look like in the Slave Leia costume — then YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to click on the following link:

~Awful Dating Profiles~


Mean Moms, Ugly Babies


This was apparently no more than some clothes-swapping group that started an ugly baby thread.  Yet we live in an increasingly baby-worshiping society, so of course it was blown completely out of proportion.  This ought to serve as a lesson to those who publicly post photos of their children: ANYONE can get ahold of these pictures and use them for whatever purpose.

I can’t fucking believe this made the news.  And the mom who whines about her delayed/demented/retarded/whatever two-year-old having been “bullied” by complete strangers over the Internet needs a serious reality check.

A butt-ugly baby.