How to Radicalize Your Daughter


Step One:

Tell her about the Patriarchy.

Step Two:

Take her to a protest organized by Islamist feminazi Linda Sarsour,
so she can watch her shero get arrested.

Step Three:

Make video.

Step Four:

Sell T-Shirts.


Unethical Sham


For the record, I am utterly appalled at the way Brett Kavanaugh has been abused by Senate Democrats, the media, and my son’s paternal grandmother.  I’ve had more than enough of the Democratic Party weaponizing mentally-ill women against the rest of us by hand-feeding them Marxist-feminist ideology and spite.

I can only imagine what Brett and his family must be going through, and anyone who wasn’t moved by his tears when he spoke of his ten-year-old daughter is a fucking monster.

I mean it — these Pussy Hats are complete sociopaths, and they’ve done more harm to women than I would have imagined possible when they began crawling out of the woodwork in 2011.

We cannot allow such neo-Stalinist tactics to continue.  Kavanaugh needs to be voted up or down, and Creepy Porn Lawyer just needs to go away.

Never thought I’d want to fist-bump a Republican so badly:

Women Are Victims and All Men Are Pigs


Why Men Are Refusing to Work With Women:

When Childhood Meets Feminism:

I’m just going to have my kid start identifying as a girl.

He’ll be safer this way.

Support Your Local Blacksmith


Korpiklaani is a band I keep very close to my heart because their music reaffirms my sense of existence and man’s place in the world while drawing attention to the important social issues of our time.

Like the role of blacksmiths in modern society.

Blacksmiths have been responsible for more human progress than all the hashtags and prayer-shares combined.

Support your local blacksmith.